Why Install Acoustic Art Panelling in Your Restaurant?

It's not always easy to create exactly the right ambience in a restaurant dining area. For example, you might want to create an intimate dining experience for each table; however, this isn't possible at peak times when things can get just too noisy for comfort.

It may help to install some acoustic artwork panels around your walls. How do these panels work, and what are the benefits of using them?

What Is Acoustic Artwork Panelling?

An acoustic artwork panel looks like a piece of art. It is typically configured as a panel picture with a digital print on the front. The print goes on a thin layer of specialist paper or fabric. This is then bonded on to an acoustic panel.

While many products are made in block shapes where the image material is wrapped around the panel edges, some manufacturers also create framed panels. High-end products can also be set up with extra features like back-lighting.

Why Install Acoustic Artwork Panels?

Acoustic artwork panelling gives you a two-in-one solution. First, you get new artwork for your walls; second, you get more acoustic control in the room.

You can choose just about any image you like for the panels. As long as you get can get a digital image to your supplier in the right specification, they can create a panel for it. So, you have control over the art you hang in your restaurant.

Plus, acoustic panels will dampen noise in the areas in which they hang. These panels work to make their immediate area quieter by stopping noise from spreading.

So, if you dot panels carefully around your dining area, then they will absorb some of the noise your diners make. If you do this, then your restaurant becomes quieter even at busy times. You'll get a comfortable buzz in the room, but things won't get so noisy that people don't enjoy their nights out with you.

You may also find that using these panels saves you some money. You don't have to pay to have your acoustics tweaked and for pictures to hang on the wall — you get one solution that does both jobs at the same time.

Acoustic panelling is also a good option if you want a quick retrofit solution that doesn't involve any construction work. All you have to do here is to hang some panels on your walls.

If you think that art panels might work for you, talk to acoustic panelling contractors. They can show you examples of suitable products.