The Three Pieces Of Scaffolding You Need For Most Projects

Scaffold hire is one of the most popular construction rental businesses in the world, with most companies preferring to outsource their need for scaffolding due to the much lower cost. If you plan on doing a bit of construction work to your home or business, or perhaps just some external painting or slight renovations, then scaffold hire should be the first number you call. But what type of scaffolding do you need? There are many different types of scaffolding, and all have their pros and cons. You're probably already familiar with the primary type of scaffolding, so here are three more specific types of scaffolding equipment that almost every job will require at some point. 

Stair Kit

Most people don't know this, but if you intend to set up scaffolding on stairs, then you need a special kit so that you will have an adequately stabilised base and a reliable platform to work from. Stair kits are a particular subsection of scaffold hire that are designed to be put on uneven surfaces with supporting beams ensuring no movement. While it is possible to use regular scaffolding on uneven surfaces, this is not advised for beginners or small projects without a dedicated engineer who has worked with scaffolding for many years. For everyone else, a scaffolding stair kit is what you should be looking for.

Plank Scaffolding

Not every external job requires a fully stocked truck loaded to the brim with scaffolding to be done well. Sometimes all you need is a small platform from which to work for a few hours to do some cleaning or perhaps repair some slight inconsistencies in your building's facade. For smaller jobs that are not too high up, plank scaffolding is the way to go. This set up is straightforward: a metal platform or plank is securely attached to two-step ladders, giving you a small but stable work area and the ability to move it around at will with very little work. Perfect for the smaller jobs that often seem to appear when you are a homeowner.

Scaffold Hoist

A big problem that many people figure out far too late is the need to be able to transport a lot of material up to the top of the scaffolding safely. There are no easy ways to do this unless you get yourself a scaffold hoist. These mini crane type pieces of equipment allow you to quickly haul up heavy loads, unpack them and go and get more stuff in just a few minutes. Don't spend all afternoon figuring out how to get the paint, timber or cleaning equipment up the top of your scaffolding; get a hoist and focus on the issue at hand. As far as accessories go, a hoist is one of the most necessary pieces of scaffold hire you will need in any job.