Three reasons to think about your floor trusses

When you are building or remodelling a home, you will spend most of your time considering the parts of the property that you can see. You will think about the floor layout and what type of fittings you want in each room. What you may not have spent too much time thinking about are the trusses and joists that support the floor and the roof of your home. While you may not have thought about these features, they are vital to the stability and structure of your building.

Here are three ways that choosing the right floor trusses such as posi trusses can improve your property.

A good floor truss will properly support your floor

The primary function of any floor truss is to support your floor but what does that look like? The way you use every room will vary and the demands placed on every floor will depend not just on this foot traffic but also on the supporting walls and the arrangement of the furniture within the room. You will want to ensure that your floor will have sufficient springiness while still providing the right level of support. Custom-made posi trusses allow you to design the dynamic response of the floor in the way that best suits your expectations.

A good truss will span long distances

A wooden floor truss can cover a long distance, but posi trusses are designed to reach even further than wood ones. This ability to extend further across your floor than wooden trusses makes posi trusses competitive with both concrete and steel. The greater length removes the need for an intermediate load-bearing wall allowing for lower building costs and a more attractive open plan home design.

A good floor truss makes maintenance easy

When you are planning a property layout, it's easy to concentrate on the immediate benefits of a particular layout and not think about the longer-term consequences. If you take the time to think through your flooring options, it is possible to fit a system that combines convenience now with future benefits. A posi truss is a custom-designed parallel chorded truss and is intended to create a low-cost but easy-to-fit, high-quality floor system. When you fit posi trusses or a similar system, you are fitting a system that provides good access not just for air conditioning ducts but also electrical and plumbing services to work whenever they are needed.

For more information on posi trusses, reach out to a supplier.