A Guide to Tennis Court Construction

A tennis court is a suitable home recreational area. Besides, it can significantly increase the value of your property. Below is a guide on how to build a tennis court in your home.

Size and Location

Standard tennis courts are 23.77 metres long and 8.23 metres wide. Doubles courts should be 10.97 metres wide. If you do not have sufficient space on your property, a professional builder will advise how you can adjust the measurements. Unfortunately, such courts cannot be used for competition purposes. Besides, you could have a difficult time playing a doubles match. Remember, you will need to leave some space around the court for referees, spectators and a store to store tennis equipment. 

Where will you build the tennis court? A tennis court that is visible to visitors and passers-by will increase the appeal of your home. However, do not squeeze the court into your front yard if you do not have adequate space. You should also check zoning and strata laws to ensure you are allowed to build the court.

Building Materials

Reinforced concrete and asphalt are suitable surfaces for your tennis court. Asphalt has lower installation costs compared to concrete. However, it needs regular maintenance. Besides, you could also opt for artificial grass, clay or natural grass. Concrete courts can have a nylon or rubber coating to improve their appeal. 


Below are several ways to improve the appeal of your tennis court. 

Plant trees around the court. It is a sure way to ensure the sun's rays do not affect players.

Build landscape installations such as patios and gazebos around the court. They are the perfect place to relax after a game.

Floodlights will ensure you have an easy time playing at night. Spotlights will help increase its appeal at night.


Finding a professional tennis court construction company can be a daunting task. Check the internet or contact friends who have a tennis court in their homes. Examine the builder's portfolio to ensure that he or she has constructed similar installations in the past. Check the guarantees provided. Further, the company should have general liability insurance. 

The construction company should provide a quote of how much it will cost to build the court. You may need to pay more if the contractor requires to conduct excavation works. Most banks will give a home improvement loan to people with inadequate funds. 

Proper tennis court maintenance will improve the longevity of your court. Clean the court at least once a week and repair any cracks on the surface. 

Contact a tennis court construction company near you for more information.