Trends You Should Consider Incorporating Into Your Commercial Building’s Design

If you are new to commercial building design, you may be under the impression that it simply entails selecting architectural features that will make the exterior of your structure aesthetically pleasing. However, this is incorrect. Careful thought and consideration need to go into building design, whether commercial or residential, as the design will influence aspects ranging from the sustainability of the building, its functionality and more!

Nonetheless, trends in building design are constantly changing. It is essential to know the emerging trends in commercial building design so that you can determine aspects that will be best suited to your particular commercial structure. Look at the following two trends that you should consider incorporating into your commercial building's design. 

Energy-saving exterior supplies

Energy efficiency is not merely a buzz term used to sell real estate. This feature is key for commercial building design, as it will have a direct influence on your overall operational costs. The best place to start when it comes to energy-saving design is at the exterior of the structure. While there is a myriad of materials that you can choose for your exterior walls and façade, concrete blocks of the insulating variety are one of the top solutions you can opt for to reinforce energy savings.

These concrete blocks not only provide your commercial structure with the insulation that it needs, but they also offer fire-resistance properties to your building, which is invaluable for locations susceptible to bush-fires. An added benefit of employing insulating concrete blocks in your commercial building design is the increased soundproofing of the structure, which will help limit distractions in the office.

Smart glass installation

If you want to bring a sense of the outdoors into your commercial building, you are probably thinking of employing a substantial amount of glass. Floor-to-ceiling windows goes a long way in keeping the interiors of your offices bright and airy, which helps with boosting the productivity of employees. Nevertheless, the use of regular glass will have a negative impact on your commercial building design. For starters, traditional annealed glass facilitates the absorption of radiant heat into your interiors, and this results in heavy reliance on artificial cooling, more so during Aussie's sweltering summers.

Secondly, annealed glass allows for glare, which makes it hard for your employees to get work done on their computers. The best option for your commercial building design is the use of smart glass. The smart glass allows full control over the window tint, so you can adjust the brightness or opacity of the windows depending on the ambient conditions. Furthermore, smart glass prevents both radiant heat gain and thermal loss too!