Are Timber Wall Frames An Ideal Choice? Get the Right Supplier

The timber frame refers to a panel of structural walls and floors made from wood. Timber frame construction today is a combination of centuries-old traditions and modern technologies. A timber frame house has a basic structure made up of a timber frame filled with thermal insulation material. 

Why should you choose timber wall frames?

Complete the Extension Quickly

Timber construction is a faster way of extending your house compared to laying brick or blocks. That is because the manufacturing process of the wood frame and roof trusses all happens off-site. You can work on digging the foundation and working on any utility groundwork at the same time. After the delivery of the timber wall frame, it can take about ten days to complete the building. 

Gives Room to Stretch the Budget

The truth is that the initial construction of the timber frame house can be a bit pricier than a brick home. But lumber frames allow you to save on other elements that can make a significant impact. For instance, the cost of labour is lower compared to a brick build. With a brick building, the costs can escalate if there are weather delays. 

The supply of lumber wall frames is also reliable. That eliminates the chance of expensive delays. The best thing is that these frames do not need deep foundations. Thus, you spend less on material and labour. If you are renting as you construct your house, you can move sooner. That can help you save thousands.

Offers Better Insulation

The thermal performance determines how comfortable you are in your house. The good thing about timber wall frames is that you can specify the insulation levels you need. Timber walls usually are thinner than masonry walls. Therefore, you can increase your insulation level. 

Lumber frames get heat faster from your central unit compared to the brick walls. Also, they have sealants to prevent the entry of moist air. 

Get the Right Supplier

Working with the right partner for your timber wall frame is vital before planning and construction. There is the continued growth of companies offering timber frame construction services. That is because there is a rise in demand for wood houses. It is, therefore, not easy to choose your timber wall frame supplier. 

You need to pay attention to specific details when making your decision. For instance, look at how much experience the supplier has in the industry. You can also check the feedback from their past clients online. 

Reach out to a local timber wall frame supplier for more information.