3 Unique Ways Recycled Bricks Could Help Revamp Your Landscape

Did you know you can use recycled bricks to turn your landscape into a beautiful vista? Most people associate recycled bricks with construction work, but they can be used in many unique ways. If you have piled old bricks in your home, you can recycle them to help change the appearance of your landscape. These bricks don't just reduce carbon footprint, but they also keep the environment safe. You can use choose bricks of different sizes and colours, depending on how you want to use them. See how you can use recycled bricks to give your landscape an outstanding face-lift:

Make a Beautiful Waterfall

You can use recycled bricks to create some stunning waterfalls in your landscape. The ecological diversity the brick-waterfall creates attracts natural plants, animals and also insects. If you have several piles of recycled bricks, you can increase the height of the waterfall to make the running water nosier. Noisy running water is more relaxing and tranquil. If you want something more than a waterfall, you can use the bricks to make a raised pond and keep some fish. For a more exceptional waterfall, use the recycled bricks to create a spectacular backdrop.

Make a Garden Bench

If you want to introduce an exceptional seating area in your backyard or garden, use recycled bricks to make a garden bench. With quality cement and mortar, you can use the bricks to make a permanent bench where you could sit to enjoy the morning sun or evening breeze. Since a dry bench might move or even collapse, use mortar to add some strength. You may make a long brick-bench if you expect more family members to use it often. To enjoy your summer hours on the brick-bench more, add some comfortable, waterproof cushions on it.

Make Stunning Brick Paths

With recycled bricks, you can create temporary or permanent brick paths in your landscape. If you don't want straight paths, you can use the bricks to create curved paths that meander through different garden sections. Besides creating classic paths, recycled bricks of different colours can create a fantastic visual effect in your landscape. When laying the bricks, you'll need cement and sand to help create permanent brick paths. The size, colour and shape of the bricks you use will depend on how sophisticated or simple you want the brick paths to be.

Although you might not use recycled bricks to build a new home for your family, you can use them in other unique ways. You can also use recycled bricks to make colourful art, a fire pit, unique sculpture, raised planters, or even to edge the garden beds, refurbish old walls, make garden stairs or surround the base of your trees. Those old bricks can revamp your landscape in a big way, as long as you are creative!