How to Restore the Look of Your Driveway with Bitumen Spray

If you have a tarmac road or driveway that has seen more than its fair share of use, you may be considering a 'redo.' Perhaps you can see a number of cracks and even a few potholes, although the driveway itself seems to be in reasonable condition from a broader perspective. Although you don't need to repave the driveway at this point, you will certainly want to take some action before things get worse and will be looking at your options. As the driveway is fairly lengthy, you may want to spot repair and recoat the surface with bitumen. How should you proceed?

Getting Ready

While tarmac is a good all-round surface, it will certainly show up any flaws, and you will definitely notice any repair work. If you patch some of those cracks and potholes, they will stand out once you have finished and may detract from the overall appearance. Unless that is, you recoat the surface with a bitumen spray.


To begin with, get rid of any loose dirt, weeds or debris and make sure that you patch any imperfections properly. The more that you focus on preparation, the better the end result. You will find that the bitumen 'takes' to the surface more effectively as a result.

Once you are happy with your repairs, the driveway may look more like a patchwork quilt. It's time to get the bitumen ready so that you can hide all those imperfections and restore the original look.


To make this job easier, you should spray the bitumen over the entire surface using the right equipment. Certainly, you could apply it with rollers, but that would take a lot of time and be very tedious work. Still, you may need smaller brushes so that you can deal with the edges and ensure that the coverage is complete.

Other Application

You may need to apply more than one coat depending on the scale of your remedial work. If you do, you need to allow the original coat to drive for several hours before you apply the second one. You may even be able to change the overall appearance of your driveway if you find a bitumen product in a different colour.

Hard Work

Of course, this is quite a big project and not for the fainthearted. You may find it a lot easier to bring in experts and should get in touch with contractors that specialise in bitumen spray sealing.

For more information, contact a local bitumen spray sealing service today.