What Are the Benefits of a Mobile Scaffolding Tower?

If you have a certain amount of maintenance work to perform at different places across a building facade, you may be working out how to prepare for the job. You don't need to erect extensive scaffolding due to the random nature of the work, but you're not sure if a conventional stepladder would work either. Could a mobile scaffold tower be the answer in this case?

Relying on a Mobile Scaffold Tower 

A mobile scaffold tower gives you all the benefits of conventional scaffolding but with a lot more flexibility. It's certainly a better solution than a stepladder both from a safety and stability point of view.

Flexibility and Stability

In fact, stability is one of the key benefits here. When properly put together, these towers can support themselves and be stacked to a considerable height. They don't need to be supported by another structure to remain in place. They can be fitted with support legs around the base and be perfectly safe, even in windy conditions.

This level of stability means that the worker can climb up the internal access ladder, which is an integral part of the structure, and take their tools with them. They'll have plenty of room when they reach their working position. They won't have to worry constantly about balance and capability, as they would if they were on top of a ladder.

Wheeled Mobility

The second key benefit in your case involves mobility. You won't have to disassemble the scaffolding tower if you want to move to work on another part of the facade. Instead, these towers have wheels attached to the legs, which can be locked in place when not needed. Then when you're ready to move, you simply unlock and manoeuvre the tower to the next position, which is far more convenient than any other solution.

Enhanced Strength

Scaffolding is renowned for its strengths due to its cross-beamed and stabilised construction. The same principles apply here, which means that the tower will be strong at all times and able to withstand much heavier equipment and tools than any ladder arrangement might. In addition, a scaffolding tower has guard rails around the perimeter to keep the people on the tower safe as well as those beneath.

Getting Further Information

As you can see, a mobile scaffolding tower is a perfect solution for your upcoming work. Talk to a scaffolding contractor about renting and assembly, and they will be delighted to help you out.

Speak to a contractor to learn more about mobile scaffolding.