How To Improve The Appearance And Performance Of The Concrete Floors In Your Apartment Complex

Are you responsible for managing and marketing an apartment complex? If so, you need to ensure that all the public areas are kept in first-class condition and look good in the eyes of both residents and potential occupants. Furthermore, as many of these public areas will feature concrete as a flooring option, you need to do what you can to address such surfaces from a practical and aesthetic point of view. So, where should you start?

The Need To Treat Your Concrete Floors

There's no doubt that concrete is one of the most durable and popular flooring options in many environments. It is certainly front and centre in the industrial world, but it is often used to populate public areas and multi-storey buildings, apartment complexes and condominiums.

As you may know, untreated (or bare) concrete can quickly take on a weathered look and will tend to accumulate a layer of dust. This can make it look dirty and can certainly take away from the appearance of your apartment complex.

Polish Highly Trafficked Areas

So, begin by focusing on the paths that link various parts of your complex together and the concrete floors that may make up the communal hallways. These areas feature constant foot traffic from residents, workers and visitors, and you should consider polishing that surface instead.

Upgrading Patio Decks

You should also think about upgrading the patio decks attached to each apartment unit. Typically, these will feature a bare concrete slab, but that's not very inviting and is difficult to keep clean. So, think about polishing those surfaces as well and don't forget to market this additional feature to your prospective clients.

Avoid Pool Decks And Grilling Areas

Some people think that they should polish all the concrete in their development, but this is not a good idea for pool decks and grill areas. Certainly, polished concrete may not be slippery when wet, but it could become very hot in the sun and burn any bare feet. In addition, when people spill sunscreen or tanning oil, it can make polished concrete very slick. The same issue can arise in any grilling area where grease and oils will be difficult to clean.

Take The Next Step

Nevertheless, there is plenty of potential in and around your apartment complex, and you should talk to contractors right away. They'll explain the process involved in polishing the concrete, tell you how long the job will likely take and make plans to schedule the work.

Speak to a concrete polishing service to learn more.