The Main Differences Between Sheet Waterproofing And Liquid Waterproofing

Waterproofing is an essential component in the construction of any property, business or residential. From the kitchen to the bathroom and even the outdoor areas like your verandahs, waterproofing has to be done to ensure that the structure remains viable long-term. When it comes to your choice of waterproofing, there are two main options: sheet and liquid waterproofing. There is much to say about both of these two options, but here are the basic differences that should point you in the right direction for your new building. Read More 

How To Prepare For Fascia Cover Installation

Fascia covers are very important in ensuring your roof stays as rot-free as possible. Many homes organise fascia cover installation as soon as they possibly can to ensure that there is minimal chance of any environmental damage to their fascia. These exterior facing fascia boards are probably the most vulnerable of any part of your home or business building because of how often they come into contact with water. Fascia cover installation is quick and easy but also extremely delicate and you need to be ready for the professionals before they come so that they can start right away. Read More 

How to Stop Construction Delays in Your Industrial Construction Company

Construction delays are a common problem faced by many construction companies. Delaying your projects shows your clients that you are not capable of delivering. In severe cases, your industrial construction company ends up ruined by liquidated damages. Thus, you should work to avoid construction delays. That means finding out the common causes of these delays and ways to prevent them before they happen. Here are some causes of construction delays you may encounter. Read More 

Four Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Retaining Wall Project

Retaining walls help to stabilise sloped land, support the soil, prevent sinkholes on a property and add curb appeal to outdoor space. However, there's a lot of planning that goes into designing a stable retaining wall. Failure to follow the due process can lead to costly mistakes down the road. What's more, a poorly constructed retaining wall will be expensive to maintain, and it can adversely affect the appearance of your exterior space. Read More 

Re-Using Vs. Replacing Old Ductwork for Your New Ducted AC Installation

When replacing your ducted air conditioning unit, should you also replace the ductwork? Can you re-use the installed ductwork for your new air conditioner? These are commonly asked questions, and here is a brief look at what you should know on the subject. Condition of the Ductwork Matters Over time, the seams and joints on your ductwork can come apart, leaving leaks that will reduce your system's efficiency. During the hot summer season, condensation may also form on the ducts, resulting in rust that may eat away at the metal and leave leaky holes. Read More