Considerations When Building A Raked Ceiling In Your Home

If you're building a new home or renovating, one way to give it a unique look is to use a raked ceiling that slopes rather than lying flat. Here are several considerations to bear in mind. Different Configurations A raked ceiling comes in different configurations. A double-raked structure has two slopes that reach a point, as a tent does. This classic shape, also called a cathedral ceiling, follows the contours of a pitched roofline rather than sitting flat. Read More 

How To Improve The Appearance And Performance Of The Concrete Floors In Your Apartment Complex

Are you responsible for managing and marketing an apartment complex? If so, you need to ensure that all the public areas are kept in first-class condition and look good in the eyes of both residents and potential occupants. Furthermore, as many of these public areas will feature concrete as a flooring option, you need to do what you can to address such surfaces from a practical and aesthetic point of view. Read More