Top Tips When Hiring a Patio Builder

Would you want to build a recreation area at home? A well-built patio will improve the appeal of your landscape and increase the value of your home. Read the points below to understand the various considerations you should make when choosing a patio builder.


Ask for the builder's portfolio to determine if he or she has built similar structures in the past. Look for a professional who can help you design the patio. He or she should visit your home and advise the best location to build the installation. For instance, the structure could be prone to flooding if you build it along the stormwater drainage system. The builder should help you choose suitable materials. Typically, you should use weather-resistant building materials. He or she should also advise how much space the installation should have and what fixtures and colours you should consider.

The builder should have a valid work licence. Further, he or she should be affiliated to a professional builders association.  

Work Ethic

The builder should give a time estimate of how long the project will take to complete. He or she should also let you know how many people will work on the project, and if he or she will have subcontractors on site. Inquire what safety measures the builder will take when building the patio. For instance, employees should have a safety harness when working in elevated areas. As a rule, the builder should have general liability insurance coverage. It is a sure way to avoid financial and legal liabilities in case of an accident at the site.


The builder should be an excellent communicator. You may want to avoid professionals that take too long to respond to your inquiries. Further, he or she should be someone you can trust. Remember, you may have to leave the builder at home alone.

Quote and Terms of Contract

Check the builder's terms and conditions. Some of your concerns should include: 

  • What does the quote cover? Some builders will ask you to purchase the building materials.
  • Inquire about extra costs such as licences and taxes.
  • What guarantees does the builder provide?
  • When and how should you make the payments?
  • Check the recommended conflict resolution mechanisms. 

Interview some of the builder's clients to ascertain that he or she can handle the proposed work. It is a sure way to improve your confidence in the builder's work. 

With the above tips, you should have an easy time choosing a patio builder. Examine the builder's experience, work ethic, personality, pricing and the terms of the contract.