Could an Island Revolutionise Your Kitchen?

A home renovation is the opportunity to transform your space, to put a great deal of thought into your work and to be proud of your achievement. While there is tremendous scope in virtually every room, the kitchen presents some tremendous flexibility and is a place that you can really go to town. How can you refresh this very important room of the house with some careful thought?

Out With the Old

In an older home, the kitchen may not be the largest space but may nevertheless present you with some options for innovation. With some careful measurement and creative thinking, you'd be surprised what you can achieve. Don't forget that today, the kitchen tends to be the place that everybody wants to be at the start of the working day and its conclusion. You need to take this into account and see if you can create a social hub as well as a practical solution.

Inclusive Redesign

Think about installing an island in the middle, even if you may think that space is at a premium. After all, with a little application, you may be able to move the oven, hob and extractor into the middle and away from the outside. In this way, you could cut down on the depth of the cabinets around the wall. Of course, you have to take into account the standard size of a dishwasher or similar appliance in one part of the room, but you may have more flexibility in another.

Additional Space

If you can create space for the island in the middle, then you may be able to do away with some overhead cabinets as well to create more space. You will have quite a lot of room underneath the island countertop and alongside your oven and should be able to store all of your larger pots and pans here.

Social interaction

You may also be able to add stools around the periphery so that the kids can use some of the countertop for their workspace. In turn, you may be able to do a lot of your food preparation work on the opposite side of the island. Instead of having your back to the kids, you can now engage with them more effectively.

Achieving Your Goal

You may be surprised at what you can achieve with some careful thought and application. Talk with a kitchen designer for more ideas.