Straightforward Guide To Selecting The Right Shower Screen For Your Master Bathroom

Shower curtains may have been the common denominator in a majority of bathrooms in years past, but their weaknesses have steadily overtaken their affordability that they offer. From the daily inconvenience of water splashed all over your bathroom floor to the eventual need for replacement due to a mould infestation, your best option is to invest in a shower screen and forget about shower curtains altogether. Nevertheless, shower screens can be customised into a multitude of ways. And if you have never had this enclosure installed before, the decision-making ropes may prove overwhelming. Fortunately, it does not have to be a complex task. Here is a straightforward guide to selecting the right shower screen for your master bathroom.

The layout

The first decision you need to make before you can have a shower screen installed is a layout depending on the specifications of your bathroom. The first option is a rectangular-corner layout that comprises a fixed screen that runs the length of the enclosure. A door is installed at the corner to stop water from splashing onto the floor. The second option is the square-corner layout, best suited to a bathroom with limited floor space since the enclosure is smaller than its rectangular counterpart is. If space is not an issue, you could consider the open or recessed layouts that create a spacious, walk-in enclosure.

The door

The type of door that you choose for your enclosure will be dependent on the layout of the shower screen enclosure. For example, you may be familiar with hinged doors. However, to open this type of shower door, there has to be sufficient clearance space for the door to move freely outward. If your bathroom is already cramped, then this type of door will not be ideal for your enclosure, making it unsuitable for a square-corner layout. For minimal floor space, a sliding door will be a great option for your shower enclosure since it does not take up any space. Nonetheless, the stylish appearance of sliding doors makes them just as ideal for large shower enclosures. Additional solutions you can consider include the pivot and the folding doors.

The materials

If you were installing a shower screen with the intent of elevating the overall appearance of your bathroom, glass would be a great material. Tempered glass offers your shower enclosure the right balance of stunning visual appeal while ensuring the utmost safety of the enclosure. Moreover, the transparency of the glass makes your bathroom appear bigger and airier, so this material is perfect for a small enclosure. Acrylic is another material you can consider, especially if you are on a tight budget. But the inexpensive nature of this material does not make up for the lightweight nature that makes it vulnerable to inevitable damage.

For more information on shower screens, reach out to a glass company in your area.