Advantages of a Building Inspection report

Making the decision to purchase a property isn't easy. There are so many factors to take into account as this is such an expensive purchase and there is no room for error. As well as ensuring that the price range is appropriate, a potential buyer may also wish to carry out other checks on the property to see if there are any major faults. A building inspection report is one such check which potential buyers frequently carry out. As a prospective buyer, you can arrange for a professional building inspector to visit the property and create a detailed building inspection report. This report includes the following.

Structural defects- The report will identify any structural defects in the property and label these as either major or minor defects. Major defects are those that require urgent attention and need to be corrected as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the property. This is because they can put household members in danger. Examples of these defects include damaged piers in raised building structures that cause movement of the house structure. The inspector will be able to detect movement in the house structure by observing any cracks in walls around the interior of the house. The inspection report will include detailed pictures of the defect as well so that the potential owner can easily understand the issue being discussed.

Termites- Some building inspection reports also include details of any previous termite infestations that may have occurred. The report will also highlight any wooden structural elements of the house in contact with moisture. This is to alert the potential buyer that future termite infestations are possible if this issue isn't resolved as soon as possible. Termites usually enter properties through areas where wooden elements are being exposed to moisture. 

Condition of fixtures- The report will provide details about each section of the house and what condition these areas are in. For instance, it will state if the windows need repair or are in sound condition. Furthermore, if a house is made out of cladding, then the report may also say whether the cladding is in good condition or needs some maintenance work.

Potential owners can use information from an inspection report to decide whether it is worth buying a property. They may also request a reduction in price or for defects to be repaired before they purchase the property. This makes building inspections a must before purchasing any property. 

To learn more, contact a company that offers building inspection services.