Best Key Management Practices for Property and Business Managers

In today's environment, one needs to have heightened security. It is also critical to have control policies for a property's keys. Key control policies are put in place to ensure people and properties remain safe. Such systems offer control over spaces and assets in an organisation. Many people consider high-tech threats and forget how vulnerable the keys can get. Mechanical keys pose a lot of risks. That is why you should have key policies in place for your business or property. 

Assess the Risk

Before you begin working on your key control, consider the significant weaknesses. For instance, making copies of a mechanical key is easy. Also, such keys do not have an audit trail. Mechanical keys also work at any time. Once you understand the vulnerabilities, you can now find ways to deal with such gaps. When managing a business, you should know the number of keys issued. You also need to know the people who own these keys. Another aspect to check is whether you can prevent the duplication. 

Get a Patented Keying System

Duplicating keys today is a simple as going to the hardware store. You can prevent the sale of your key blanks by getting a utility patent. Apart from making it illegal to make a key copy, the patent prevents the distribution of the blanks. The locksmith under the manufacturer is the only one with the authority to make copies. You can then give a list of people who can ask for duplicate keys from the locksmith. The reputable locksmiths will keep a record of every key made.

Get A Master Key System.

With the master key system, you can decide which keys work on the locks. For instance, everyone can get keys to the front door. You can then give access to the server room to specific employees. You need to be careful with the grand master key as it can work on every lock. Once the master key gets lost or stolen, you will need to re-key your whole establishment. If you have a lot of workers, then you should consider using the interchangeable locks. That way, you can remove the core and insert a new one when someone misplaces their keys.


The concept of key control helps keep your property safe. That is why you should adopt one in your institution. Working with a key manufacturer and locksmith you trust is critical. They will help you through the whole process of getting an ideal key system you can use.