What Should You Prioritise When Purchasing Top-Quality Fencing Timber?

Timber is indubitably one of the most commonly utilised construction supplies the world over. And as long as you are investing in sustainably harvested lumber, you can rest assured that you are not harming the planet. Thus, if you need a perimeter fence installed on your property, it is unsurprising that you are likely leaning toward timber supplies for this application! But with the vast array of timber species available, how do you know if you are choosing top-quality lumber for your fencing needs? Fortunately, you can narrow down your options based on various characteristics that will be invaluable to the longevity of your fence. The following are a few of the characteristics to prioritise when purchasing top-quality timber fencing.

Enhanced strength

Whether you have hired contractors to build you a privacy fence or a security fence. The structure must be strong enough to withstand external forces. A weak fence will not only be vulnerable to high impact but depending on how unstable it is, it could even be susceptible to strong winds! The first thing you should note is that hardwood timber species tend to be more robust than their softwood counterparts are. Nonetheless, you should also take into consideration that the strength of the wood will be dependent on whether the directional load is direct or transverse. If you live in the outback or wild animals typically frequent your location, it is critical to ensure that the top-quality fencing timber you purchase is of the highest strength.

Minimal permeability

Most people are aware of the fact that timber is vulnerable to moisture damage. Nevertheless, you should note that the percentage of permeability varies from one type of wood to another. Since the wood is being utilised outdoors, it is important to ensure that the fencing timber that you choose has an incredibly low rate of permeability to decrease its vulnerability to water damage. Take note, several factors will influence how permeable the various options of fencing timber available are. A few of the things that your contractors will take into account to ensure that they select the best quality timber fencing include the age of the wood, the timber species, the current moisture content and more.

Heightened fire resistance

As long as you live in a bush fire susceptible area of Australia, fire resistance is a critical characteristic to prioritise when buying to quality fencing timber. This attribute can whittle down your selection of timber species considerably since most species have low fire resistance. Nonetheless, some species are classified as fire-resistant species due to factors such as the moisture content in the lumber, thermal conductivity of the wood, timber density and so on.

For more information about top-quality fencing timber, speak with a professional.