Types of Cooling Towers and Common Repair Issues

Cooling towers are a type of heat exchanger in which the water circulating inside the tower is cooled. These are used to remove heat from industrial buildings such as power plants, refineries and other factories. In addition, these cooling towers may also be used in commercial buildings such as shopping centres, schools and hospitals.

There are various types of cooling towers:

Dry cooling towers- These use a dry method of cooling water, whereas a heat exchanger with fins is used to cool water without using any water. The fins are driven by a motor and force the air to be circulated inside the tower. Because the fins use a motor, these cooling towers can be located anywhere inside the building in comparison to natural draft cooling towers, which need to be located outside the building to allow for natural airflow. 

Wet cooling towers- Most buildings use this type of cooling tower because not only does it use renewable energy, but it is also cost-effective. Water is used to cool the building, and the increase in the temperature of the air passing through the tower is used to measure how much heat has been transferred. 

Fluid cooling towers- In these types of cooling towers, the water is usually mixed with a substance called glycol. This is circulated through the tower and does not get air exposure. The advantage of this particular method is that it is more productive due to minimal scale formation.

Although these towers are designed to be as efficient as possible, they also need to be repaired and maintained regularly to ensure they are operating optimally.

Common Repair Issues in Cooling Towers

Damaged Drift Eliminators

The drift eliminator is an essential component of a cooling tower. It functions to prevent water from exiting the tower. If this vital component becomes damaged, water loss can result and the cooling tower won't operate properly. In extreme cases, a dangerous bacteria known as Legionella bacteria can cause an outbreak, causing people in the building to become severely ill. This is why it is important to replace drift eliminators as soon as they become damaged. 

Defective Air Intake Louvres

These also have an important function in cooling towers including preventing any debris from entering the unit, preventing water from splashing out and helping to reduce noise levels. These need to be replaced according to the model of the cooling tower. 

Cooling tower repair services offer emergency as well as regular maintenance services.

To learn more, contact a cooling tower repair contractor.