Understanding Concrete Polishing

If you have concrete floors, you might notice that over time, they may start to change colour because of dirt. It is also not uncommon for concrete floors to get stained as a result of spills. Chipping from constant friction and impacts can also occur. How is this remedied? The answer is concrete polishing.

What Is Concrete Polishing?

This is the act of using concrete polishing equipment to clean, repair and smoothen concrete floors. It helps restore the concrete floor to its shiny functional and aesthetic state. The function of a shiny floor is to help reflect light and thus save on energy because you might not require to turn on a particular room's bulb frequently. The aesthetic features are mostly related to the appearance of the floor; it needs to look clean and visually pleasing.

You can expect services like floor grinding and sealing, buffing, sanding and sealing, washing and sealing, mechanical polishing, surface polishing and concrete resurfacing. Concrete polishing is done on not only interior floors but exterior floors as well.

Residential and Commercial Needs

All floors are made to suit a particular purpose. That is why you might find that the concrete floor used for your sitting room or bedroom is not the same as the concrete floor used for your bathroom or laundry area; slip resistance has to be considered. Likewise, in a commercial setting, the activities of each space need to be considered to ensure that the floor matches or allows the activities to be carried out safely and effectively.

Why do you need to understand the above factors? When hiring concrete polishing services, you should hire a residential concrete polishing company for residential concrete polishing work and a commercial concrete polishing company for commercial concrete polishing work.

Each company has knowledge and experience in the quality of finish required for the particular floor it specialises in polishing, keeping in mind the different activities the floor will be subjected to.

Concrete Polishing Cost

This depends on various factors:

The Floor Area to Be Polished: Of course, a larger floor area costs more to polish than a smaller area.

The Extent of the Damage: Before you get a quote, a concrete polishing specialist inspects your floor to determine the extent of the damage. He or she then asks you what your expectations are. With his or her findings and the answers you give, the specialist can identify what needs to be done and how much the polishing process might require.