Why might you need a land surveyor?

Whatever your involvement with a property may be, you may be able to benefit from working with a ream of land surveyors. Most people don't think about calling in land surveyors unless they are buying a home, but there are lots of ways that a good team of land surveyors can help to resolve property issues for you. Here are three ways you could use land surveyors.

Is your neighbour encroaching on your land?

In some cases, the boundary between two pieces of land will be clearly marked, but at other times, it isn't so easy to work out exactly where your property ends and your neighbour's land begins. If you are concerned that your neighbour is encroaching onto land that you own, then the easiest way to resolve the dispute is to arrange for land surveyors to carefully survey the boundary in question and compare it with the relevant property documents. A survey will demonstrate beyond doubt precisely who owns what and will allow you to settle the dispute with your neighbour. A boundary survey of this type would also show you where to erect a fence along the property line to prevent future disputes.

Are you considering a subdivision?

Sometimes you find that your needs change and you have more land than you can use, or you chose to purchase some land to split it later. When you need to divide a piece of land, then you will need to speak to some land surveyors to ensure that the subdivision will be completed correctly and legally. The survey will provide all of the data needed to submit your application to the authorities and allow any building work to take place in the right location. The land surveyors could create both a lot split survey covering how the land will be divided as well as a route plan survey indicating the proposed routes for any roads that will be constructed on the site.

Are you planning on a new design for your land?

If you will be changing the way you use your land, then a topographical survey could be exactly what you need. A topographical survey will provide you with valuable data about the contours and natural features on your land as well as important manmade features. This information will help you to plan the use of the land, taking into account features which cannot be moved or which might have an impact on the design you are developing.

For more information, speak with land surveyors