Three Home Components That You Can Totally Personalise

Some components in home design allow you to alter their shape, colour, texture or other aspects to create your own unique version. Thus, when you're building a new home, you'll be able to inject your ideas and creativity into the decor. Here are three components in particular that allow for customisation.

Glass Splashback

A glass splashback is like a blank canvas which you can decorate in virtually any look or style. Back-painted colours include fawn, red, turquoise or charcoal. As well as a block colour, you can bring a favourite image into the kitchen design, printing it across the black of the glass. Images include pictures of seascapes or landscapes or textures like red-brick walls or planks of timber. A glass splashback offers incredible design freedom, with a selection of numerous colours and any pleasing, high-quality picture you can find. 

Remember that you're creating a shape with your backsplash, which typically covers an extended horizontal area, so choose a picture that will work in that space. Alternatively, the splashback might cover the wall up to the ceiling around a range hood. If that's the case, choose a backing that won't overwhelm your kitchen. 

Concrete Flooring

Another area of home design in which you don't need to go with stock designs off the shelf is polished concrete flooring. You can customise the look of concrete by adding pigments or stains to imbue the surface with hues. Contractors can combine techniques, adding various stains on top of dyes to create nuanced and variable multi tones, reminiscent of nature, whether in the varying shades of green within the grass or the blues within a lake. This dimensional colour quality gives these floors an organic presence.

Additionally, you can embed different aggregates within the cement such as colourful river pebbles in earthy blues, creams and tans. Or else, for a calming, serene floor, add grey stones within grey-toned cement. A high polish over such a neutrally speckled surface creates a smooth, earthy and elegant exterior. 

Shower Screen

A shower screen in another component in a home which you can personalise to create a unique installation. Devise an unusual shower by installing a long rectangular shape at the end of a narrow room, or design a hexagonal or rounded enclosure. A minimalist shower with one fixed screen against a bathroom corner creates a clean, sleek feel. The glass can be clear, frosted in patterns like falling raindrops, cloudy skies or elegant filigrees. Other customisable aspects include the framing and door style: hinged, pivot or sliding. Ask your home builders about other ways to personalise the design of your new home.