How to develop a cleaning plan for your school premises

Keeping your school clean is an essential task for any administrator. Dirt and germs could affect vulnerable children, teachers and visitors, exposing them to many different diseases. Schools are also areas where people eat, learn and play. Unsanitary conditions could spread quickly and compromise the integrity of your premises.

The good news is that you can develop a cleanliness plan to keep up with heavy traffic. Commercial cleaners have experience working in schools and carrying out daily, weekly or monthly tasks that help fight back against germs. When working with commercial cleaners, here are essential tasks that should be completed on a regular basis.

Clean floors are critical

Perhaps the biggest mistake that school officials make is to ignore the cleanliness of floors. Clean floors are critical for proper hygiene as they can harbour many different types of germs. And while it can be challenging to keep up with active children throughout the day, a floor-cleaning strategy can help elevate hygiene standards. Commercial cleaners can mop and sanitise floors several times a day, such as in the morning and evening when children have gone home. The idea is to clean your floors regularly so that stains, spills and other types of dirt don't accumulate.  

Sanitise surfaces often

In addition to floors, sanitising strategic surfaces is critical. For example, your commercial cleaners should sanitise door handles, railings, student lockers and desks/chairs. This will help prevent the spread of germs and potential illnesses. Attention to detail is critical during this process. For example, cleaners should check underneath desks and chairs, surfaces of bookshelves and behind doors. School canteens should also be cleaned and sanitised daily to prevent the spread of germs.


Your school cleaning plan wouldn't be complete without keeping the bathrooms clean. Bathroom sanitisation is a strategic process that should be carried out more than once a day. Depending on how much traffic you get into each bathroom, make sure your commercial cleaners assign a dedicated team for sanitising sinks, toilets, floors and other essential areas. Children can easily spread germs from the bathroom to other areas of your school premises. But by keeping the bathrooms clean, you can limit this problem and even develop a culture of accountability among all students.

Offices and laboratories

Don't forget to have a cleanliness plan for teachers and other school employees. Your commercial cleaning service should sanitise equipment such as desks, computers, printers and other equipment being used in offices. Furthermore, areas such as laboratories may require special cleaning plans to ensure the safety of students.