How To Prepare For Fascia Cover Installation

Fascia covers are very important in ensuring your roof stays as rot-free as possible. Many homes organise fascia cover installation as soon as they possibly can to ensure that there is minimal chance of any environmental damage to their fascia. These exterior facing fascia boards are probably the most vulnerable of any part of your home or business building because of how often they come into contact with water. Fascia cover installation is quick and easy but also extremely delicate and you need to be ready for the professionals before they come so that they can start right away.


If your home or business has any sort of contact with surrounding trees, then you need to have this taken care of promptly. While overhanging branches can look cool, they pose a long term threat to the stability of your house. Not only will the leaves and twigs clog any gutter you may have (further putting pressure on your fascia) but in the event of a particularly rough storm your home could be in danger of having a tree fall onto it. Council permission is usually needed before any tree removal takes place so it should be sought immediately. This also goes for trees that might not necessarily touch your property but are clearly within range if they were to fall.

Even Surface

If you have a single storey house it is very likely that the fascia cover installation will happen on a simple ladder or scaffolding system. That means you need to ensure that the border around your house is clear of rocks, branches, excessive dirt and any plants that might be in the way. Construction workers need a solid and safe base from which to work from when setting up their equipment, and if you make them tidy up this area themselves you could be waiting a while. This can add to the cost of your total fascia cover installation, which seems silly when you can do most of this work yourself with a rake and some elbow grease.

Space To Manoeuvre 

Apart from having a safe border around your house from which to work, the construction workers who arrive to carry out your fascia cover installation will need some room to keep their equipment. Your garage or a small room inside should be good enough, as long as you ensure that they have ample access to power points. It is also just generally a good idea to walk them through the house so that they have a good understanding of its layout in case of emergencies or problems. The more informed they are, the quicker the job will get done and your roof will be more secure than ever.

For more information, contact a fascia cover installation service in your area.