3 Shopfitting Mistakes That Could Cost Your Business a Good Image and Hinder Higher Sales

Designing enticing business cards for your retail shop might be a good idea, but proper fitout would help sell its name in a big way. However, how you fitout your retail business will highly determine the attention it draws and how many customers will be curious to get in to see what the business has to offer. The aesthetic aspect plays a huge role in the success of your retail store, and that's why you shouldn't undermine the fit-out process. Shopfitting determines how the customers perceive your brand and also how you could boost sales. Nonetheless, some fit-out mistakes could cost you a lot and hurt your business in a big way. So what are some of the shopfitting mistakes you shouldn't dare commit? Keep reading.

Disregarding Customer Satisfaction

Customers don't only come to your retail business because you have what they want, but also because they expect an excellent shopping experience. Happy and satisfied customers will always return to your business and probably buy more items than they bought previously. As you visualise the fit-out process, it's advisable first to take the sales hat off and focus more on how you could increase customer satisfaction. If you just focus on stocking quality products and disregard first impressions that influence customer satisfaction, your sales won't grow quickly. Although the fit-out project should help provide sufficient stock levels, it should also help create calmness from the entrance, offer easy navigation, avoid clutter and influence customer behaviour.

Underrating the Lighting Aspect

Making your retail business more impressive shouldn't be expensive; simple aspects such as proper illumination will do the trick. However, the lighting you choose shouldn't just be efficient, but also attractive. Lighting enhances the mood of the customers, and it can also send them away based on how your merchandise is illuminated. Is shopfitting all about the racks, counters and shelves? No! It has everything else to do with how the displayed items are illuminated. How fast the customers decide to buy your products depends on how they conceptualise them. Attractive lighting doesn't just help showcase your products, but it can also prompt shoppers to buy them — even though they just came in to window-shop. Nevertheless, if you ignore attractive lighting, even the interested customers might leave the products they came to buy on the shelves.

Creating a Disorderly Layout

Although substandard products bother customers often, a disorderly layout might influence them never to return. Don't choose a shop layout before you consider how the customers perceive your business. The shop layout you choose shouldn't just influence your customers' buying behaviour, but it should also influence how they flow into your business. To offer maximum accessibility, consider how long the walkways are and space size to choose a suitable layout. Ensure the exterior space and the furniture in your retail shop won't limit how your customers interact. Choose traffic direction that will make your customers enjoy moving from one shelve to another and get the shopping experience they came for—that's how you promote higher sales!

Working with experienced shopfitters is the best way to avoid such expensive mistakes. The DIY fit-out might be cheaper, but it will harm your business image more and compromise the shopping experience your customers should expect. So whether you plan for a simple or complex shopfitting project, consult professional fit-out contractors to be sure of excellent results.