Keep the Floods at Bay! 3 Ways You Know Professional Pump Repairs Are Due

If your sump pumping device isn't in good condition, you could always be prone to water damage and flooding. Once the device detects increased water levels that might result in flooding, it will pump away or remove the excess water immediately, so your basement, precious items and furnishings don't get damaged. Although the pump might seem a simple device, poor maintenance and irregular care could make it defective, especially when a flood hits your home. But can you tell when your pump is faulty or struggling to function and that it needs immediate repairs? Here's how you know it!

The Switch is Stuck

If excess water gets into the sump, the pumping machine should detect it and trigger the switch to operate. If the switch isn't working, the pump won't be efficient when the floods come, and this would lead to some serious water problems. This happens because when the switch is stuck, it can't detect excess water or even pump it away.

If you want to know whether the pump switch is in good shape, pour water into the sump or pit and check if the pumping device will be activated once the water-level gets above the margin line or threshold area. If it doesn't, contact a pump repair professional to inspect the device and repair it in good time.

It's Working, but It's Too Noisy

Sump pumps aren't completely silent when pumping water, but they shouldn't make alarming noises or get too loud. If the pump is properly maintained or regularly serviced, you may not even notice when it's working. But if the device makes strange noises when working or being tested, it has developed a mechanical hitch that should be repaired immediately. If the problem isn't fixed quickly, it might aggravate and become irreparable. This won't just mean you need to buy a new pump, but it could also expose your home to greater flood risks.

You Notice a Strong Mildewed or Mouldy Odour

Since most pumping devices are exposed to water often, they are more prone to mildew and mould growth. However, if they are properly cleaned regularly, mildew and mould won't negatively affect their performance and lifespan. But if the device isn't properly cleaned, it will release a musty odour due to mildew and mould build-up in it. If you get near the pumping device and notice a disgusting or mildewed smell, then it may not be in good shape, and it might need to be repaired. 

If you get a competent pump repair expert to fix the problem, the unpleasant smell will not lurk anymore, mildew and mould growth will not spread further, and the pump will be more efficient when the floods occur.

Although you risk losing the sump pump when you don't notice when it should be repaired, you risk more when you attempt to repair it yourself. Timely professional pump repairs don't just prevent the device from developing serious mechanical problems, but they also protect you and your property from floods and severe water damage.

For more information on pump repairs, reach out to a repair technician in your area.