Five Ideas For First-time Home Renovators

Home extensions can often be a daunting yet rewarding task; they can potentially add a lot of value to a property, or they can become a cumbersome project that never really takes off. One of the biggest problems is deciding what to extend or renovate in the first place. Below are five great ideas for renovating your property. From porches to kitchens, this article has got you covered.

Extending the Front

A porch is a great first option for would-be home renovators as it does not require too much space. A porch can provide storage space for things such as shoe and coat racks, but it could simply be used as a striking entrance. A porch is particularly good for properties that have the front door leading straight into the living room.

Extending the Kitchen

Kitchen extensions are a popular choice for home extensions as they provide utility and value to your property. A kitchen could have its space extended outright or you could even renovate surface and cabinets to make for more space. With kitchen extensions, there is a variety of different aesthetic options and layouts that homeowners can choose from. One style that always remains in fashion is a contemporary kitchen look, but homeowners can choose the aesthetic that fits their property accordingly or as they see fit.


Conservatories can add a dramatic new feel to your home as it allows for direct sunlight to reach through, providing a light and airy feel to the room. Conservatories are multi-purpose style rooms meaning that you could tailor it to whatever use you desire. You could renovate it into a home-office space, an alternative dining room, or just a room to hang out in during the summer.

Build a Shed

A shed is perhaps the most low-cost option for first time home renovators (provided they have the garden area) but can add more value to your property than it cost to build and install. Shed's are typically used for storage or as a workshop, but it could really be purposed for anything. It could even be a guest bedroom, provided you install adequate insulation!

Build a Balcony Extension

A balcony is a good option for those that own apartments or townhouses and can add much needed outdoor area for properties that may be lacking garden space. Homeowners should consider where they want the balcony to be placed (typically the master bedroom) and how private do they want it to be.

For more tips and information on home extensions, reach out to a remodelling contractor near you.