Could your company use more space?

How closely do your company premises resemble your ideal working environment? Perhaps you have moved into premises previously occupied by a different type of company, and you have been forced to adapt the building to fit your operations. If you have had your company premises built specifically for your company, then how long did they stay ideal? Company operations always change over time.

Perhaps your production has expanded into new areas? Maybe you have needed to hire more administrative staff and have been wondering where to put them? Whenever you need to make changes to the way your business works, you must make corresponding changes to your premises to ensure that you can operate efficiently. The difficulty is that making physical changes isn't always easy.

Modifying your business premises with custom grates

When you need to change your company premises, you may be a position to increase the physical footprint of your building and build an extension to create extra floor space, but if you are based in the city or in a crowded lot, it often isn't possible. Even if structural modifications are possible, they could be prohibitively expensive or perhaps ruled out by the terms of your lease. One alternative solution that many companies use is to employ custom grates to build additional stairs, walkways or even entire floors. With custom grates, you can increase the available space within your existing building and make moving around the building easier.

How do custom grates work?

Whether you want to create a catwalk, a set of stairs, a wheelchair ramp or an entirely new mezzanine floor, bar gratings are the place to start. Custom grates, which are often made of carbon, aluminium or steel, are strong enough to be used as everything from flooring to trench covers so you can adapt your premises in any way that you wish. Choosing custom grates allows you to specify the exact size of each grate so you can be confident that it will fit exactly where it is needed in your building.

Where might you use custom gratings?

Perhaps, the most obvious areas to use custom grates are trench covers or access hatches to let you open up or cover areas as required. However, with a little imagination, you can use them to redesign your whole building and fit elevated walkways and mezzanine floors using all the air space below the roof that would otherwise go to waste.