Understanding Mining Engineering

The term mining refers to the extraction of minerals from either underground or above ground. If you have a mining project, it is crucial that you involve mining engineers to guarantee safety and success. However, ensure that the mining engineering company you hire specialises in the extraction of the particular mineral you are mining and where it is located (underground or above ground). Here's everything you need to know about mining engineering:


Planning is spearheaded by various specialists, but the two major ones are mining engineers and geological engineers.

Before mining commences, activities like surveys, research, analysis, preparation of blueprints, etc. have to be done. They are aimed at finding the best and safest way to extract a mineral and to get the most out of the mineral deposits.

Additionally, a plan needs to be laid out to indicate how the minerals are to be processed after extraction, how waste is to be disposed of safely, how the mine should be safely closed afterwards and how land reclamation will be done after mining is complete.

What Is the Role of Geological Engineers?

Geological engineers are mostly needed to identify potential sites for mineral extraction. Once a potential site is found, they will work with mining engineers to successfully and safely extract the minerals.

You might even come across geological engineers who specialise in mining engineering services. In such a case, you might not require to hire two specialists (a geological and mining engineer); the geological engineer will also act as a mining engineer. The reverse is also possible; you can come across mining engineers who also specialise in geological engineering services.

What Is the Role of Mining Engineers?

To get into the specifics, mining engineers:

  • Design and develop mines
  • Hire labourers and other specialists who might be required
  • Calculate the cost of the entire mining process
  • Supervise contractors as they construct mine shafts and tunnels
  • Supervise mining operations to ensure that they are being conducted in a safe and environmentally friendly way
  • Manage how minerals reach processing plants
  • Solve problems encountered during all mining stages
  • Prepare all the reports required during the mining process
  • Monitor and analyse mineral extraction and processing to determine the level of effectiveness of operations 

From the above, you can tell that a mining engineer plays multiple crucial roles in the mining process. It is thus important to ensure that the mining engineering company you hire is qualified, licensed and has in the past safely handled mining projects similar to yours.

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