Health Care Settings: 4 Benefits of Installing Acoustic Panelling

Acoustic panelling is a material that can be attached to walls and hung from ceilings. The material helps to lower the noise levels in a space by absorbing or deflecting noise waves. This article explores some of the benefits of installing acoustic panelling in a healthcare setting such as a hospital or clinic.

Improved sleep for patients

Noise-induced loss of sleep is a common problem among hospital patients, and it greatly affects their quality of life. Acoustic panels are a great way to eliminate this issue, which also helps to improve the sleep quality of the patients. Sounds such as machinery whirring, footsteps and doors clanging can reduce sleep quality through unwanted noise. Disturbed sleep can slow recovery times as well as impacting an individual's mental health.

Improved communication between staff and patients as they can clearly hear each other

In many facilities, there is excessive background noise. This can make it difficult for healthcare staff to communicate with patients and each other. Acoustic panels are a great way to change the environment in a space making it more comfortable and enjoyable for patients and staff to interact. Improved communication also helps reduce the risk of misunderstandings, which, in a medical setting, could have significant consequences.

Improved privacy during consultations with doctors

Sound panels are a great way to improve privacy levels. If a consultation room is fitted with acoustic panels, you can limit how much of the conversation may be overheard by people passing the door of the room. This increases the efficiency of healthcare and comfort of patients, as they will feel more at ease when having important conversations without feeling like someone is eavesdropping.

Reduced stress levels for staff at the facility

The main goal of acoustic panelling is to reduce the amount of stress felt by staff working in a facility. Stress is generated through numerous sources including loud background noise, which in turn affects employee performance at work and health. The ability to control how much background noise is present in a facility can improve job satisfaction for employees. Employees working in a facility that has been fitted with acoustic panels find it easier to concentrate and feel more comfortable communicating with patients.

If you would like to find out more, you should reach out to a local construction contractor that supplies and installed acoustic panelling. A member of the team will be happy to help.