A Guide on Building Surveys

A building survey is a detailed examination of the current structural condition of a house, the need for repairs, the presence of dangerous materials and environmental factors such as the state of the drainage system and any existing ecosystems on the property. Read the extract below to learn more about building surveying and why you should request a survey.  The Benefits of a Building Survey Building surveys are conducted when you need to renovate a building or as part of the property buying process. Read More 

Guidelines for Dealing with Common Piling Problems

Pile driving is the easiest and most effective way to get support posts for a structure into the ground. The process is a little challenging because when you are driving the piles, you will be dealing with an element of the unknown. Not being able to see the condition of the soil layers that you are driving the piles into can lead to complications. It is, therefore, advisable to let a professional piling contractor handle the driving. Read More 

Understanding Concrete Polishing

If you have concrete floors, you might notice that over time, they may start to change colour because of dirt. It is also not uncommon for concrete floors to get stained as a result of spills. Chipping from constant friction and impacts can also occur. How is this remedied? The answer is concrete polishing. What Is Concrete Polishing? This is the act of using concrete polishing equipment to clean, repair and smoothen concrete floors. Read More 

Two tips for building a home extension that will be used as a dance studio

If you're a dance teacher and are intending to use the home extension you going to build as a dance studio, you might want to read through the following tips.  Ensure the contractor incorporates a bathroom into the studio If you're going to be teaching dance classes in the extension, then you must ensure that your builder creates a bathroom inside the studio space. Aside from using the toilet facilities, students may need to pop into one of your property's bathrooms to get changed before or after their dance class or to splash some cool water on their face if they get overheated after dancing for a long time. Read More 

Types of Cooling Towers and Common Repair Issues

Cooling towers are a type of heat exchanger in which the water circulating inside the tower is cooled. These are used to remove heat from industrial buildings such as power plants, refineries and other factories. In addition, these cooling towers may also be used in commercial buildings such as shopping centres, schools and hospitals. There are various types of cooling towers: Dry cooling towers- These use a dry method of cooling water, whereas a heat exchanger with fins is used to cool water without using any water. Read More